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Affinity specializes in getting Chiropractic and Medical Practices on the first page. Our team's focus is to efficiently increase your number of high value Patients and extend your online reach with the most advanced tools, strategy and technology.


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We have ranked chiropractors for the most competitive keywords in every kind of market area. Find out how we can help you.


Our leadership consists of industry veterans that know how to harness the power of marketing while staying personally connected to each client. 


Affinity has the process in place that gives each client real time 24/7 access to all aspects of their marketing. No more wondering if it works.

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Our medical marketing solution uses SEO strategies and processes to transform and grow your practices online presence.

  • Unify all online marketing, branding and tracking.
  • Increased visibility and conversion rates internet wide .
  • Reports on your data wherever you need it. Know Everything.

Our Leading Solutions

SEO - Local SEO

Our SEO team utilizes a variety of proven methods and strategies to consistently rank your site at the top of search engine rankings. We employ a variety of tactics to keep you ahead of your local competition. Good SEO done right can transform your brand into the top local authority.

Chiropractic Web Design

We continually craft the highest quality websites for a wide range of attorneys and law firms. A successfully built website has multiple attributing aspects like ease of use, beauty, clarity and trust with one goal in mind - generate more qualified new cases and revenue for your business.

PPC / Ads Campaigns

You may not have realized it, but there’s a good chance you’ve clicked on a fair share of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements before. PPC systems like Google AdWords and Bing Ads scatter these types of ads across the web to lure searchers into clicking them in their quest to find information.

How we know what works

We understand that there is no such thing as “one solution” when it comes to putting you ahead of the competition. The digital marketplace is the most competitive area for your business. At Affinity, we bring your business marketing to life with multiple innovative and groundbreaking strategies. Your business is unique and deserves a one of a kind touch. Here is our process we use to find what will work best for your firm.

Needs assessment

We'll explore your current marketing processes, and strategize ways to strengthen and increase your digital presence.

Execute strategy

We will implement a custom plan with the correct processes, channels and tracking.

Optimize and measure

Find what strategies and tools work best for your firm. Track specific results and progress to make all necessary adjustments.

Continued refinement

Get consistent streamlined results with the highest possible ROI. Set even higher goals and expectations.

Broc Foerster

Founder, Affinity Agencies

Our Story
An elite team of really good marketers.
After 10+ years of leading marketing teams in SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies, Broc Foerster founded Affinity in early 2016. Since then, Affinity has become recognized by industry peers and clients as an industry leader in search engine optimization and digital marketing.

“We pride ourselves on two things. Our work and your results. Each business we work with is treated as an extension of our own.”
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Game changing online marketing for practices.

We provide the SEO strategy and marketing that is essential to your law firm’s development plan. Adding the internet into your business model can seem complex. We make it easy for you.

  • Going Digital - Most clients have websites. We connect everything that's missing or done wrong.
  • Elite SEO - Keyword Research with On-Page Optimization is just the beginning.
  • Web Design - Cutting-edge Design coded with elite SEO to give you the best conversions.

Crucially, since we've helped dozens of law firms, we know precisely *how* we'll help yours. With the right experience we get straight to business.

Dedicated analyst
Unified software
Realtime Data
Done-for-you reporting

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